"Yes we can", Atze Theater, Berlin/ Ev. School Berlin

Our every day life is bound to institutions and communities, which are often statically separated from each other, e.g. family, profession, school, club, clique or festival.  Thinking, feeling and acting  occur in different places. Yet only in the interplay of these capabilities a sensuous flexibility arises within a human being (..)
Fixated on cultural education we often undervalue the competence and intuition of an adult, a child.(..) There is no reason to spare the audience from complexity.”
Marietta Piekenbrock

It can be a liberating experience to express oneself without words, following one´s intuition.
Dance and movement are creative expression.

Anyone, no matter what age should have access to participate in dance.

Patricia`s choreographic work in education includes collaborations with TanzZeit Berlin, Berlin Bode Museum, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, a7, Schlossplatztheater Köpenick/Berlin, Perform(d)ance Stralsund, Chisenhale Dance Space London and Tanzinitiative Hamburg e.V.




Trigonauten (February 2017)
Schlossplatztheater Köpenick, Berlin

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Mondlandung (2013)
Schlossplatztheater Köpenick/ Grundschule an der Wuhlheide, berlin

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Mit Händen und Füssen (2014)
Schlossplatztheater Köpenick

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Tanzlabor Schöneweide (2012)

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