Dance-based Performance

Signing      2004  Futura Gallery  Prague and Vaclav Spalda Gallery, Prague
                   2008  Screening at Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin

Text and body. Signs and messages.

Signing  explores movement gestures and word gestures that create signs, either big or small, profound or light.
We investigate various kinds of messages/signs, from the traditional ‘letter’ to short message systems, to
individual words and pictures. We use brief words or symbols that represent bodily functions, desires, instructions,
practical and emotional states, histories, facts. A catalogue of words, built up through improvisation.
These are personal, banal, crude, prosaic, numerical. They talk about sex, the body, performance, religion.
The body is both a message and a message receiver. The female body is particularly accustomed to being looked at,
and to communicating, ‘passively’ through this. The body can ‘say’ something very different from written text.
People (especially women) commonly present their bodies with written text attached to them.
We use and question this process to examine the body and text as complex communicators. Movement, the body,
and text communicate in different ways, as unconscious and conscious thought processes. Movement is affected
and understood differently by references to time in the words, by emotional references, spatial references, objective
or subjective references. Sometimes the two directly influence each other, at other times the body becomes a mere
signpost – frozen in a word - disconnected from the words written, or gives an opposite message.
Both language and movement are fundamental forms of expression.
We are discovering how meaning is made and altered through movement, and text, while simultaneously
searching for a language.

Concept, Choreography: Lizzy LeQuesne and Patricia Woltmann
Performance: Patricia Woltmann and Lizzy LeQuesne
Photography: Jeffrey Young
Curated by Kacha
Supported by Goethe Institut Prague

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