Dance-based Performance


Station/Nadrazi        Mazarykovo Nadrazi, Prague Railway Station, Czech Rep. (2004)
                                Pilsen Railway Station, Czech. Rep. (2004)
                                Duncan Centre, Prague (2004)

The site-specific performance Station/Nadrazi explores the notion of homelessness using bags
and cases within railway stations. It was developed with six young Czech performers.
Space, sounds, actions are deeply coloured with the atmosphere of transit, actions of departing,
arriving, saying good-bye, moving on, waiting.
Repetitive actions of (un)packing: (un)folding blankets, arranging them into a patchwork carpet,
as well as taking out picnic items. Aim is to investigate the impact on the state of the body in an
exceptional situation of transit within a public space.
The intensity of the actions creates a contrast to the pace of people's movements passing by.
Unforseen interactions between (in)voluntary spectators and performers determine the direction of
the score: for example, the station cleaner, who became an involuntary performer, children
wandering naturally into the action and a drunk man.

Choreography: Patricia Woltmann
Performers: Daniela Dvorakova, Pavel Krsiak, Katerina Diezova, Hana Blazejova, Jakub Dzimal
Photography: Jeffrey Young
Supported by Duncan Centre Prague

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