Dance-based Performance

chez Gino   Solo Performance. Duration: app. 20 min.  "Symposium of Silence" University of Chester, England (2009)
                   ada Studio, Berlin (2009)
                   Labor Gras, Berlin (2009)


cutlery (fork and knife)


fake leatherbag

black wig




at times distant restaurant noises


An intimate performance. Using minimal movement, gaze and stillness, chez Gino looks at forms of presence
and absence considering the past and present moment.
chez Gino examines the notion of presence, absence
and loneliness in a
shared space with the audience. Using the frequencies of silence, minimal gestures and
stillness this project explores the possibilities of mundane gestural movement and minimal dance movement
(club dancing) in relation to motionlessness and silence. By quietly morphing from one state into another,
using minimal (facial) gestures, a code of signs can evolve into a catalogue of practical and emotional states,
desires and histories.
. The experience of silence both for performer and audience opens up an additional
dimension of communication based on minimalist signs and cues through direction of gaze, eye contact,
postural changes, gestures of hands/legs/feet. Silence heightens and draws the attention to the physical presence
and the sensory body. Silence can make you feel a sense of discomfort, an uncomfortable silence within a dialogue,
not knowing what to say next, or avoiding what can be said.

Artistic Advice: Olga Tzkouli

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