Dance-based Performance

If this my container     Patricia Woltmann and Lizzy LeQuesne. Performance and Video Installation
                                   Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin (2007)

If this my container’ is looking at notions of human behaviour when sharing places,
within community, city, relationships - considering the joys, fragilities  and complexities
around sharing spaces. We have discovered during this process a vital, fluid and organic
structure to our work that develops and changes according to our changing relationships
with our bodies, with ourselves, the environment in which we find ourselves and our personal
lives but which hangs around coherent central themes and forms an ongoing exploration.

Idea, Concept: Patricia Woltmann and Lizzy LeQuesne
Text and Performance: Patricia Woltmann and Lizzy LeQuesne
Live sound and Vocals: Nadja Dehn, Thomas Dehn
Co-produced with Gallery Art Claims Impulse


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