d r i v e n

SOMA, Mexico City


How do we communicate with ourselves, with the body in motion, with each other?
How do body and mind interact? When can limitation become an opening?
The 12 min. performance investigates dialogues between occupied spaces of two individuals (one eyes closed, one eyes open). The aim is to develop connecting passages between internal (invisible) and external (visible) spaces, to explore the diverse self- or other-directed spatial limits of inside and outside.

By giving oneself and each other verbal instructions as „go.“ „stop.“ „go.“, movement and stillness are regulated from an external force. Movement can be frozen into a still frame as well as being pushed to a dynamic extreme. The varied timing of instructions creates an arbitrary kinetic rhythm, changiing the performer´s actual impetus and flow. Whilst movement is navigated by an internal and external stimuli it creates an immediate relationship between space and audience.

d r i v e n  is a part of the performance series  d r i v e.
It was part of the outcome of a residency at SOMA/ Mexico City, supported by Goethe Institut.

Concept, Choreography
Patricia Woltmann

Patricia Woltmann, Tania Solomon