dislocated angle

Kinitiras, Athens/Berlin (2020)

This research developed together with my local dance community during a residency with Kinitiras and Goethe Institut Athens. Exploring the concept of “transition” on various levels: physically, emotionally, energetically, visually, digitally. I am interested to investigate how the pandemic affects us in our perception of space and sense of physicality. What does it mean to re-align oneself in times of instability and constant change?

Dancers: Andreas Wirfler, Karoline Winter, Carsten Horn, Elena Mune Cobacho, Jacob Langford, Jorge Chamorro, Marie Newid, Olga Coronado, Signe Emilie Tveskov, Simikka Marie Hansen, Stefanie Bringezu, Ulrike Müller

Transition I Enter Communities of Body International Community Dance Residency is a collababoration of Kinitiras Artistic Network of Performing Arts, the Goethe-Institut Athen, the French Institute of Greece, the Flux Loboratory Athens, realised with the kind support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund. Part of the residency is realised by the kind support of J.F. Kostopuloulos Foundation and the Institut Francais de Bukavu.

whole of parts

Studio research (2020)

If your body was a community, how would its parts talk to each other? How would they listen to one another?        And who would (they) listen well (to)? Wondering which is the essential part from which to integrate the rest.
Thanks to the support of Mime Centre/ Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin.

to awake what the stars shall bring

Chateau Fengari, Clerac/France (2019)

An outdoor research project
Thanks to Erica Jago.

to see and to be seen

Erika Klütz School, Hamburg (2014)

On re-enactment of historical paintings from the renaissance. How can you continually physically re-work an image? Through the Interplay of slipping into and out of a figure a tension between the static, the motional and the representational arises.  Possible interpretations of the “past” and “today”.

Dancers: Paulina Porwollik, Alexander Varekhine, Ayla Buchholz, Lidia Thiessen, Lisa Giebel, Laura Krahn, Olga Klein, Bianca Mantel, Lina Brändli, Denise Hager