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48 Stunden Neukölln Kunstfestival, Berlin

25th June 2023

In every beginning and end there is a touch. When we breathe, we touch the air.
When we stand or walk, we touch the ground.
When we enter the room with our presence, the room is “touched” by us.
How do we negotiate space in our togetherness, how do we organize our corporeality?
When is a body absent, when is it present?
What is presence and how does it relate to the act of touching?

Concept and Choreography:
Patricia Woltmann

Lisa Lotte Giebel, Patricia Woltmann

Artistic Collaboration:
Lisa Lotte Giebel

Varoujan Chiterian

Silvit, Rike Flämig, Kay Kastner

48 Stunden Neukölln Kunstfestival
Polymedialer Ponyhof
Kienitzer Str. 11
12053 Berlin

Thanks to Kay Kastner, Nicolas Silvit and Viviana Defazio