Collective Composition Project

Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

December 9th 2016

Collective Composition Project – an exploration into performance

How can a group collectively compose together? As opposed to the idea of economical optimisation, dance works with what is in the moment. What IS in the moment? This project explores the process of choice-making regarding the individual and between collective bodies. Looking at both the mundane and the odd, fractions of everyday actions, continual compositions of new situations arise.

Idea and direction 
Patricia Woltmann

Astrid Hansen, Carsten Horn, Elena Mune Cobacho, J.K. Langford, Jessica Fischer,
Jorge Chamorro, Marett Klahn, Raquel Vazquez, Signe Emilie Tveskov, Simikka Hansen,
Susana-Theresa Gomez-Schnackenberg, Theresa Sigmund, Viola Conrad

Thanks to: Mime Centre, Berlin