Patricia Woltmann: d r i v e (rehearsal excerpts) Museo del Chopo, Mexico City. February 2014

d r i v e

Museo del Chopo, Mexico City.

7th and 8th February 2014

“Sometimes you need someone to stop you.”

d r i v e ¬†explores dialogues between “bodied” spaces of two individuals, scanning for a bridge between the personal and the shared, the self and the Others. The performance investigates diverse modes of correlation, experienced subjectivities between two persons, shifting orientations between self, place and other. Two performers play with the constraints of mutually made agreements. They negotiate, manipulate and navigate rhythms and pathways in space. An abstract narrative unfolds within the fluctuating tension between surrender and withholding. The complexity of confining oneself can collide with the challenges of desire for unity. In interaction with the Other the experience of difference-from-the-other coincides with that of similarity-with-the-other. A rotating process develops as the performers exchange roles. The audience is invited to witness moments of shared spaces in which intimacy and distance alternate.

Concept, Choreography
Patricia Woltmann

Patricia Woltmann, Rebecca Rainey

Artistic Advice
Olga Tzikouli

Jael Orea, Yolanda Guadarrama

Supported by Goethe Institut