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To: my future body

unarchived // Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin

July 14th 2019

To: my future body

Kleine Humboldt Galerie, Berlin

To: my future body was initially created for the exhibition spaces of the KW Institute for Contemporary Art. Following the invitation of Kleine Humbold Galerie in the frame of the unarchived-festival, the performance was re-staged and adapted to the backyard of an old university building. Taking in the air and sounds of the open space, both audience and performers shared an outside environment. To: my future body is a dance-based performance investigating significant links between movement, memory and archiving within the context of performance. The intergenerational dance project opens up a physical, sensual and intimate access to archives. What happens when diverse human bodies come together? When memories, perceptions, emotions and visions are evoked by movement? What happens when individual human archives meet, gather, encounter, converge and how do these bodily archives interact with each other?

Patricia Woltmann, Christina Wüstenhagen

Choreographic Adaptation
Patricia Woltmann

Participating dancers
Johannes Berger, Carsten Horn, Marett Klahn, Maria Martinez, Marie Purschke

Sound installation
Norbert Lang

Project coordination
Duygu Örs (KW), Karoline Winter (KHG)

Niklas Obermann, Karoline Winter, Nicole Wittmann