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What if..?

Bode-Museum, Berlin

23rd September 2023

“One body is no body, because bodies only exist in relation to other bodies in resonance to their surroundings.” (“Bodily Grounds for Ethics: Wounded Bodies” by Arno Böhler & Susanne Valerie Granzer from “Bodies of Evidence: Ethics, Aesthetics and Politics of Movement” edited by Gurur Ertem and Sandra Noeth)

magic – what if you looked into the mirror and saw that we are all connected? and saw you god, me, everyone else?
Inspired by the sculpture collection of Bode-Museum Berlin 12 young people play with gesture, posture, space and sound,  developing their own unique positions.

Concept and Choreography:
Patricia Woltmann and Viviana Defazio

Mattef Kuhlmey


Anastasia Putsykina

Bode-Museum Berlin
Am Kupfergraben
10117 Berlin

Supported by Chance Tanz II Aktion Tanz
A co-operation between Jugend im Museum e.V., Bode Museum Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Julateg Wedding e.V., Deutscher Kinderschutzbund e.V.