Saalbau, Berlin


It´s time to re-connect. With oneself – with others – with the space – together. Together we appropriate the space in the studio through our bodies, movements and senses. Playfully we explore the qualities of proximity, distance, space and touch through led improvisations and movement scores. Class begins with a warm-up of a combination of Yoga, Klein- and Release technique. Through dance technical and improvisational approaches the basic principles of force/weight, time and space are individually experienced and amplified. We try out movement tasks together – both to music and silence – creating playful compositions. Each participant can experiment, find their own movement language and feel alive.

This projects takes place in form of a regular advanced and beginner´s class in Neukölln and Treptow, Berlin. It is also conducted in the format of a compact workshop. Emphasis is placed on understanding the power of human connection through presence, touch and movement.

Classes are hosted by VHS Neukölln, Berlin.