Animal enfermizo

Museo del Chopo, Mexico City


Funcion Inaugural Videodanza // Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina (2015)
Agite y Sirva // festival itinerante de videodanza, Stockholm, Sweden (2015)

Cinéma Jean Eustache de Pessac en colaboración con Camille Auburtin, Association Cinéréseaux, Association Camillau Films France y Association Collectif VIDDA, Bordeaux, France (2015)

Following some anathemas from E. M. Cioran, some choreographies and metaphors confabulate, by means of the interpretation of “hands” and their gesture. Here some of the principal phrases: “This morning after hearing an astronomer mention billions of suns, I renounced my morning ablutions; what is the use of washing one more time? Man, being a sickly animal,any of his words,his gestures, are symptomatic volume.”

Yolanda M. Guadarrama

Yolanda M. Guadarrama and Patricia Woltmann

Patricia Woltmann and Yolanda M. Guadarrama