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Art Claims Impulse Gallery, Berlin


ada studio, Berlin (2008)

cats was developed in the vibrant neighbourhood of Kreuzberg, Berlin, as a response to the locale,
and set within the vivid diversity of the German/ Turkish/ Kurdish/ Arab community.
cats explores two aspects/visions of woman – the animal, and the doll, looking at feminine clichés
and roles, and oscillating between the domestic, traditional, and the instinctual.
To play with modes of representation of the female body, featuring a transformation from one into
the other image, resulting in a flux between them: morphing between the wild and the tamed,
the natural and the cultivated
Similarly, the arbitrary is placed within a mundane, everyday-like environment, aiming to cultivate a
curiosity through blending the familiar and the strange. The idea of the cat as predator, thief, helping
itself to what it needs, walking the streets.. woman as shopper, shoplifter.
Hair (fur, wig) – as strength, passion, protection, wildness.

Concept and Performance 
Patricia Woltmann and Lizzy LeQuesne

Jenny Wolf

Dallibor Janda

Supported by FU Studio Bühne Berlin