dislocated angle

Kinitiras, Athens


dislocated angle  explores the concept of “transition” on various levels: physically, emotionally, energetically, visually, digitally.         I am interested to research during the time of lockdown how the pandemic affects us in our perception of space and sense of physicality. In the midst of discomfort, can can one find comfort in the space of the unknown? Is there a new sense of possibility and transformation? Realignment to an active stillness?
Initially I started this research with my local dance community in Berlin. Due to the second lockdown and its strict contact regulations the project takes its shape in a different way. Using myself as a performer I move within the echo of the presence of other bodies. In close collaboration with a film maker the idea is to play with perspective through the change of camera angles, to create images which can evoke connections beyond borders.
This work was created during a (digital) residency with Kinitiras and the Goethe Institut Athens.

Concept, Choreography and Performance
Patricia Woltmann

Cinematography and Postproduction
Karl Ingar Røys

Choreographic Assistance
Maja Zimmerer

Transition I Enter Communities of Body International Community Dance Residency is a collababoration of Kinitiras Artistic Network of Performing Arts, the Goethe-Institut Athen, the French Institute of Greece, the Flux Loboratory Athens, realised with the kind support of the Franco-German Cultural Fund. Part of the residency is realised by the kind support of J.F. Kostopuloulos Foundation and the Institut Francais de Bukavu.