molecule no.1 trailer

molecule no.1

Museo del Chopo, Mexico City


Movimiento en Movimiento, Museo del Chopo, Mexico City (2013)
Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin (2013)
TransAmerique Montreal Film Festival, Canada (2012)
danca emfoco, Festival International de Video&Danza, Copacabana,
Brazil (2012)
shortlisted idill 2011 international dance online festival competition
Belgium (2011)

The work series molecules is a succession of works which explores the substantial and physico-chemical
connection between two moving bodies seen through the eye of a camera. A starting point for research is
chemical reaction kinetics (diverse reactions, such as magnetic attraction and electrostatic repulsion).
molecules looks at various forms of coincidences and other actions which are subject to specific principles.
molecule no.1, the first part of the series, particularly focuses on the perspective of the camera, which functions as a “microscope”. It records the functional body movements. Specific criteria and correlations are being highlighted, making visible what we cannot see with the bare eye. The camera creates a mies-en-scene frame, in which experiments and movements take place. Thus, the screen becomes a „laboratory.“ While the moving body is reduced to the horizontal plane the camera takes on a vertical angle. Through the birds eye perspective the perception on which plane the particles move – horizontal or vertical -are likely to be confused. A play with the common dimensions of height, width and depth arises. The use of the camera is essential in creating an alienating perspective and a distinct distance towards the objects. molecule no.1 was developed in co-operation with the video artist Lucy A. Roberts and the musician Olivia Oyama. The work was shortlisted for idill 2011 international dance online festival competition.

Concept and Choreography
Britta Pudelko and Patricia Woltmann

Collective patty & britty

Camera and Editing
Lucy A. Roberts

Olivis Oyama