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molecule no.2

Mellowpark, Berlin


The video installation molecule no.2 explores the adaptability of the body in altered spatial surroundings,
as well as blurring the boundaries between the public, performer and video projection.
molecule no.2 is the second part of the video and performance series molecules.
Produced and showcased in a Skate Hall in Berlin in 2014, molecule no.2 investigates the relationship
between body, space and gravity, looking at the body as an object. Approaching physico-chemical principles
the collective patty&britty examines functional/ mechanical body movements, partially seen through the
eyes of video camera. Dressed in hooded jackets, the faces invisible, the performers crawl, slide and roll in
various speeds across the floor landscape of the Skateboarding Hall of Mellowpark, Berlin.
What kind of movements and encounters emerge? Attraction, repulsion, acceleration, deceleration, coincidences..
The disguised human bodies at times produce an uncanny atmosphere. What do we perceive as (non-)human?
The specific architecture of the skate hall with its ramps, bulges and curved floor lend themselves to play with the
perspective of the viewer. The idea is to break the familiar spatial orientation through loss of gravitational force..
Inspiration is the General Relativity Theory of Albert Einstein, based on the idea that a space is never straight but
curved.The diverse forces within the space – while a body is moving – bring about the outcome of these interactions.
The moving images introduce an altered perception of space and time. Set in a real space as a virtual image, the
encounter with an individual of the public can produce an alienating, ghostlike effect from what is physical and what
is virtually visible to the bystanding viewers.

Concept and Choreography
Patricia Woltmann

patty & britty

Julia Frankenberg

Arne Weiss

August Parot

Noriko Nishidate, Francesca Frewer, Matlida Bilberg, Rachell Clarke, Juliette Rahon, Patricia Piquer, Tess Lucassen

Supported by Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick, Schlossplatztheater Köpenick, Galerie Art Claims Impulse