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Bode-Museum, Berlin


“Somehow I feel that the fact that we put history in a static display in museums creates a separation with what is making us whom we are and alive. We can only be alive when there is no separation, nothing static but a continuum of movements through space and time.”   Natacha Pincemaille-Neveu

untitled is about the human body as sculpture – embracing the idea of presence and absence. Sculptures are bodies. As a viewer, you project ‘life’ in the statues contextualising yourself and history. The work explores the notion of presence/absence in the contrast between the living/dancing/moving bodies and the standing/unliving sculptures, the presence/absence of life.

Concept and Choreography
Patricia Woltmann

Artistic Collaboration
Signe Tveskov

Signe Tveskov, Patricia Woltmann

Camera and Editing
Verena Vargas, Camilo Vargas

Norbert Lang

Thanks to Greta Hoheisel.
This project is kindly supported by lab.Bode, Berlin, Kulturstiftung des Bundes, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin/ Preußischer Kulturbesitz